About DanceBreak

“…movement can be a way to observe the expressions of the mind through the body, and it can also be a way to affect changes in the body-mind relationship.”

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

DanceBreak is a workplace physical intervention which promotes a range of psychological benefits through a specific approach to “dance” movement. Our conviction is that DanceBreak movement sessions have an inherent potential for positive change based upon a comprehensive approach to fostering body-mind connections. Our philosophy adheres to the notion that every-Body can dance and can experience the benefits of dance movement. DanceBreak defines “dance” through the following movement principles:  

Focusing Awareness: Remembering the body and acknowledging its many parts as a comprehensive system forming an integrated whole 

Stimulating Sensation: Following ongoing feelings in the body, noticing tension, discomfort, and well-being, and initiating new sensations through movement 

Establishing Presence: Generating a grounded physical state through a continual process of balancing, as the body relates to one or multiple centers from which movement can be initiated  

Embodying Space: Allowing one’s body and mind to see, explore, expand, and fill its environment, while attuning to the interior spaces of one’s physical structure 

Activating Imagination: Implementing metaphors through easily understandable language and visual imagery-based descriptions, supports connection to movement in a comfortable and dynamic process 

We offer DanceBreak as an innovative subscription service to motivate movement at home and at the workplace, geared specifically towards people with long work hours in front of computer screens or other predominantly sitting jobs. DanceBreak’s unique approach to movement, grounded in contemporary dance, aims to make movement accessible and fun for everybody.

DanceBreak founder and team member, Jason, has worked as a professional dancer, dancemaker and educator for the past 20 years. It is his background, experience and conviction in the necessity and value of movement in everyday life that underpins the emphasis on dance in our product offering.