Subscription Plans

We offer subscription plans for your company to include DanceBreak in your corporate wellbeing portfolio. We offer movement interventions in two product pillars as outlined below:


Exclusive access to our constantly growing movement library for continued, self paced training at the workplace and at home whenever you feel like it.

+ iOS Companion App – take DanceBreaks with you

+ Community features for providing feedback – improve the product with your ratings and recommendations


Live sessions led by professional instructors and dance artists for movement interventions in a larger group of like minded individuals. Enjoy the spirit of a live session together with others and build a community!

+Advanced community features for interacting with other users including leaderboards and competitive challenges.

Plus all On-Demand features!

We are happy to offer a free trial period for you to explore both subscription levels to explore both the video library and the interactive sessions so that you can find out which plan is right for you.

If you as an employer or team lead would like to offer DanceBreaks to your colleagues or your team, please get in touch with us to discuss subscription options.